Writing a first blog is quite a thing. I am sure many must have done the writing in their teens but I am not that old to start one now. And this is writeup on the move.

There was a topic making rounds in my head but as soon as the moment came to pen it down , the thing just lost its important. So here I am clueless about what will come out of this writing.

One thing I certainly agree is that writing is not my cup of tea. But what’s wrong in exploring something unusual.

I take a little while to be inspired by something and it takes the same to get over it. The thought to start blogging appeared when I read a blog I shouldn’t have. My mind churned to that thought and the idea of me blogging was born.

Writing needs thoughts, imagination and patience. I lack the later. Why can’t someone just invent a ‘mind tracer’? It would have been superbly amazing that all my thoughts would have been noted and I would have compiled it to something either beautiful or something rather strange. Maybe something of this sort will come up in 2050 and if I survive by then and so does this blog I would revisit this writing and would celebrate the victory of finding something that I have wished.

The stint of writing something has always been there since long. I remember all those notes which were born but died a cruel death by being torn to bits within no time. The saga continued for years. The years rolled and so did the topics. The thing was full of rage, longing, anguish, hidden love, admirations and a lot more.

The reason for putting something down was to fill up the blank space which was always left unattended. But today it is something different. Maybe it’s just to articulate the thoughts into words since I have been deficient of the treasure of words.

I wonder why can’t I end up with only mindless blogging??? What is stopping me to do so? Nothing. I don’t have any audience , this is not a competition, i am not being evaluated and I am a mere novice. So I am in. Let’s see if I get any topic to start doing so.

I wish myself luck and a sympathetic look at you to have read this silly thing. Revisiting would be cherished but it shouldn’t be accompanied with any hopes.