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One fine day a zoo was opened. Wide spread, lush greenery, tall trees, yummy fruits, lovely flowers.. A spectacular view.

The zoo opened with a purpose. Well don’t just jump to any conclusion I would want you to know that at a later stage.

Now what was missing was its pride, the animals.. Yes it was the time for them to arrive. But just before any could have arrived there came a visitor or rather the life to be of the zoo, a cute little girl.

She had that innocence, that warmth, that poise to enthrall anyone. But certainly it was all meant for all but one.

So the time came that the pride of the zoo be welcomed. The first privileged one to step in was a Frog. Let’s call her Froggy. Froggy had big eyes, deep and a mirror of her self. A very active one though. She was the one waiting for a prince charming to come kiss her to end the spell and restore her beauty.

Second one to arrive was a duck. But soon the froggy and ducky appeared to be one. Let’s call her Duffy. With no one else around Duffy was the most blessed of the lot to have all that was available for herself.

The little girl, let’s call her Kupu, had some other plans. She felt that there are lot many who can be accommodated.. But there is one thing more to tell, that the zoo had a moderator. A cute, smart, handsome, loving little boy. We would name him later. So, now Kupu was wondering on who would be next but just then someone knocked on the gates of zoo. It was a strong but loving and harmless little Tigress.

Kupu got so fond of her that she thought there is no need of adding anybody new. Untill she was compelled to do so by that little boy.

The zoo was soon full with lot many. There was honey bee, monkey, fishy, dolphin ‘dolly’, tweety, horsy, flying horsy, bunny, teddy, ant, dog ‘Bhaw Bhaw’, snaky, hippo, panther.

With so many of them now the zoo was about to go crazy. That was the time when the little boy thought to safeguard the security and interest o the zoo. He thus assigned Tigress as the guardian and made certain rules which were to be followed by all.

Then came a revolution in the zoo. There was a gang formed of all the small ones. The intention wasn’t to cause any harm, it was purely to poke fun at all, do all the mischiefs and yet remain the favorite of all.

The zoo is always full of activities. What is good is there is no specific routine followed here. All here big or small live in peace and harmony.

There are still some naughty ones who want to enter in and there are some who are waiting to be recommended.


Having read the above do you really think that this is what I intended to convey? Guess no. But the intrinsic meaning and importance and the deep sense of belonging cannot be experienced by any one else but just ‘Him’.

The zoo mentioned above is nothing but my head. All the animals here represent all the multiple characteristics that form the whole of me. All the activities here are those that have been there deep inside but which never dared to come in the forefront.

I don’t mind much for not having lived all that was there within me. The only reason being that I am thoroughly living it now. And I am loving it. There may not be many who are similarly privileged.

I had left one thread unattended in the above story. The identity of the little boy. He is the integral part of my life. More than just being the one who loves me deeply, he is the one to have given me all the due importance, respect, attention that I deserve. In fact it’s more than what I would ever deserve.

He is that only one person who has invoked that love which was hidden in unknown. I look at him and wonder is this what is called as an eternal Love?

Dedicated to the love of my life.
Truly Yours!!!!!