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The world is rocking with a series of dreadful events. There are riots, a near war situation, natural calamities, suicide bombers, murders, so on and so forth.

I was wondering how would the world come to an end as said by some? But when I just look around the very sense that we don’t have to wait sends the cold shivers through.

I have been thinking of this lately and have tweeted about it as well but there are lot many thoughts that are hounding my being.

Whenever I open the newspaper the only news that rock all pages except the page 3 are of the vulnerabilities.

Mother nature must not be able to handle so much of disgrace and is responsive. But what is it that is maddening so many people around?

Infanticides are in a regular limelight not to forget the drunk driving or rash driving killings.. What is it that we as humans are forgetting to notice? Is it that we have forgotten that we are no immortals and there is nothing after we have given up this body?

These questions may or may not have any answers and neither am I hunting for any at this time. I might be interested at a later stage or may just forget it here on this very page. But whenever I would witness any such eventualities I might have these questions at back of my mind even though they may not be surfaced.

Hope I would be able to respect the beautiful life I have been rewarded and would relish the elixir of this wonderful being.