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Getting up early on a rainy day. Wearing a neatly pressed uniform, tidy hair. That extra look in the mirror. All set for the day. It’s our Indian festive season. And I am off to school, all excited.

The school is all chirpy, bright and jolly. Everyone has a smile on their face and a genuine one. We have a half day at school since the second half is reserved for the fun filled activities.

The first half of the day is spent waiting for the second to start. Eagerly waiting. Whoosh.. Finally the second half begins.. Its Raksha Bandhan (Indian festival special to brother-sister relation) today.

The girls are all carrying one or more Rakhis (a fancy thread to be tied on the right wrist) to be tied to their brothers. The feeling in the air is so divine. It’s the time, the rakhi is tied , the gifts are exchanged, the vows are taken by the brothers to protect their sisters. The time is merry, genuine, innocent.

Ah, such good memories of those good old days. The days some years back when every festival was celebrated with authenticity, the relations were present with clear motives and were worth cherishing, the bonds were fast.

Years have rolled past, the world is much modern now, technologically booming but less caring, meager emotions, too distant, materialistic.. Everything now is measurable not in terms of love or feelings but in monetary and tangible terms.

We have developed a lot but it’s at the cost of simplicity and innocence. The festivals now are mere holidays, gateway for people to run away from their speedy lives.

The years will and go. But the festivities are losing its importance and it’s charm. Few more years and it will fade away completely. I wonder if I would ever be able to inculcate that feeling in my kids.

Yet a long way to go. Who knows the tables might turn, after all world is round. What goes will come to us in some or the way..