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It’s been days since this blog is saved in my draft as I wasn’t able to give it a kick start. 100 days to go for the D day and I cannot get a perfect time to start writing about all that is going on ferociously in my mind and heart at the same time than this.

I have already thought on how I would want to take this further. This blog will be spawned over 100 days and then there would be the final write up for the closing of this blog post marriage.

The reader will have to be patient as I would be updating the space on a regular basis, if not daily atleast weekly.

So here you go with all my wedding jitters as the countdown begins!!

Day 100:

Lazily strolling around I just thought to count the number of days left for the big wedding day and to my surprise there are 100 days to go now.

The preparations are going on and I am super excited.

The wedding will turn out to be a big fat Indian wedding, not the Bollywood style though but won’t be anything else.

I keep wondering that does the event have to be that big an affair? The event I believe is a union of two families alongwith the union of the bride and the groom. The ceremony has to be worth noticing but then whose hearts are we satisfying? Do we really need to spend a bomb on the day? Can we not be happy and enthusiastic if we make it sweet and simple?

Well I have no issues and neither am I against the plannings.. After all I want all to be happy and satisfied as it is our wedding.. A life time moment..


Day 99:

While I have begun the countdown of my 100 days of singleton, GOD seems to have started becoming generous with me.

I am delighted today, not just for the personal life but for the new upcoming role professionally.

The FY 2012-13 started with a never witnessed emotional low after the change of the team head.

The past entire year was spent slogging to head professionally.. And I have got a chance now. I am so excited.

On the 99th day I am now worried about the time to come. The time of juggling between the responsibilities at home and at office, the managing to be done at home and at office. More than anything one thought that is knocking me out is whether I would be able to keep my would be hubby happy?

My mom keeps saying that it is very difficult to handle a male ego. And I kept telling myself I won’t have any issue with it. But the point at which I am standing right now with a diversion and then a highway ahead I wish to accelerate and not clutch the breaks but at the very time maintaining the control of the steering wheel of life. Only then will I be successful as a wife alongwith being successful at the professional front.

May I am supported by the Almighty and my would be as well.

But for now I am happy, excited and delighted as well. So very loving this opportunity.