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The wind of experience came gushing with a chill in the air to pen it down and the cloud of my thoughts started forming and turning bigger and bigger which then finally was struck with the lightening of inspiration which now has started pouring the words down on this space.

And here you have some more of my thoughts to ponder upon..

Someone somewhere has said that things come to you when less desired. And it has hold good very much in my case.

Had I known this before the occurrence of all those events and had my mind be gracious enough to remind me that I would have been the careless one of all. Guess I am saved of that tag since the thought doesn’t walk upto me proactively.

Every time something as stated occurs the thought jug jumps and hops upto me to scream “let’s celebrate”.

Well no I am not complaining, I am just trying to frame the lines running faster in my head than BOLT (Ussain Bolt).

Here I am to tell you few such incidences which will back my thought and give justice to the topic ‘When I planned to call it off…’ .

Some memories are always itched on the tombstone in your conscience that it can never fade. I have few such ones and I am sure that 50 years later (if I stay alive to grow that old) I would have a lot more to cherish on for the rest of my life.

The year was long, hopes too strong, my mind was boggled that it surely would wobble and keep me stranded to face it all alone. I was in 12th class then.

That’s just when my soul screamed let’s call it off.

When I had given up all the hopes to clear my 12th lest getting me admission elsewhere that advert gave my life a spin and I landed in the university I passed out from merrily.

Y-O-Y (year on year) there were so many things that were worth remembering but I would not elongate all those teeny weeny things.. But just mention those you might listen to.

Then came the year of employment but as I couldn’t clear one of my subject I had to compromise at my first job. No motivation , no interest I simply walked over it in few months.

Hope was tumbling down when I landed in my current job. All happy go lucky.

Head held high and will so strong I walked in.. I was there with my brain in place and heart misplaced. My subconscious kept telling my conscious that the heart deserves a place to be lost in, when my conscious just shooed it off.

Never had I thought that I would fall for someone just then. But I am glad that I did…

2 and a half years in the job and I already was feeling saturated, demotivated and unhappy. All I could think was either to get something new on my plate or switch..

Just then destiny showered me with a life time opportunity and opened a new pathway. I am so elated that the wait of approximately 2 months seem too long.

After taking into account all that I have been witnessing, there are are series of questions haphazardly moving in my head.

What is this?
Intuition? Any sign?
Does it happen to all?
Do I think about it?
Do I watch over the next time?


I just know that whatever happens, happens for good. Let me walk the path I am destined to and lead me to glory and success.. After all that’s what we look up to…