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In that hazy night,
My heart went down that street,
Found it to be forbidden,
Yet it continued its streak..

The thoughts were doubled,
My mind troubled,
Like a squib I walked past those lanes,
Trust me it wasn’t that insane..

What followed then was never thought of,
I saw it slide next to me on that parallel lane,
I was scared yet I did not dare,
To check what it was and what it had to say..

The storm within me swirled and whirled,
Those gushing sounds made me curl,
It stopped as I no more took a step,
I glanced and made a move instead..

This time we walked towards each other,
It seemed not much farther,
As I drew closer and closer and closer,
The scene changed and the picture got clear..

The cold chill passed through my spine,
For it was my thought which I had left to whine,
As it had lost its way from my brain to heart,
In search of some sacred path..

It wasn’t alone on that ghostly lane,
There were many in a state so same,
I am the reason for being so lame,
My lips are sealed and the state remains unchanged..