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In the cocoon of my mommy’s womb
I was happy, I was safe
She was all that I had
And all that could be
The world was distant
And I cared none
For all that I wanted
Was there within

I entered the world
With a screeching cry
I wondered where
My world went by
All the strange beings
Peeping into my face
I tried so hard
To make some sense

Some were happy
Some sad
For I was the laughing stock
For those who stood by
I heard a sweet voice
And I felt so pleased
For that was the only sound
Which was full of glee

The days passed
And years went by
I walked my steps
Into the world strange so far
Nothing could hold me back
For I had those wings which made me fly
I was excited to maximum
For I was not bounded in those loving arms

I was that bird
Who thought the nest to be the world
It was simply excited
To explore it more
One day it got to know
That the nest isn’t all
There is lot more to it
For the world is too vast

The phase came close
For the baby to be the girl
I was protected and feared,
For the monsters strayed near
The turmoil of the life
Had started to take its toll
I was not the free bird any more.

I was barred from stepping out alone
I was objected on my preferences of the wear
I was made to know
The difference that wasn’t so clear
For all said so
That I was the one to be most vulnerable.
It scared me out
It made me quiver
The world seemed no dear
For I was in constant fear.

As I have grown old and into my youth
The world went afar and that’s the biting truth
I am no longer safe
For I am no longer a kid
There are those monsters around
Waiting to tear me apart
They won’t spare a drop
Or a pound of flesh
For they are the ones
Who fear no decree

The race is begun
I am trying to maintain my pace
Not to win you see
But just to stay alive with grace
While in the run
The terror thought struck
For the monsters aren’t after me
But for the Woman in me..