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I stumbled upon the #AtoZContest when someone retweeted it on twitter. As free as I was already, I made a point to check the site. It was quite amazing. The idea of writing a blog starting with a letter each day (except Sunday) for whole of the month of April seemed way to interesting. The whole idea meant that there would be 26 blogs posted on the 26 days.. A chill through the spine experience.

This being my first year, I started looking out for more detailed information. I went through the main website and last years blogs. I thought it to be simple. Only to realize how tough the job is when I actually started thinking topics for all those 26 letters and writing for it.

When I scrapped many ideas to begin the first post, I realized that I am not competing with the other 1700+ registered bloggers. The task is for self. I wanted to check if I could manage to write something when there are such stringent timelines and such conditions.

I don’t know how will it go further. But I have a project started – Project #AtoZContest and I want to live up to my expectations. I have pre written some of my blogs but I have kept most open. I plan to fill those up when there is something interesting that would happen (I hope so).

Happy blogging and wish me luck for this novice attempt…