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One dark night, we were returning home from a late night dinner. I was driving. Infact for the first time so long a distance since I had learnt driving. I was confident. It was too humid out there.. The AC was full and the music on a blast.. We were not half ways yet..

The ride was peaceful with less traffic and thus less vehicles to honk. We both were silent. Then came a speed braker which wasn’t colored and thus I didn’t notice it earlier only to feel the huge jerk after the bump. I got nervous, yet soon I regained my morale and started to drive. The silent driving continued for another ten minutes. And then….

The horn was blowing continuously and I felt as if I am upside down. I tried to stretch my arm but I couldn’t. I tried to open my eyes but they were way too heavy.. I tried to move too, but alas I felt trapped.. This continued for some time. I don’t exactly remember how long. Just when I was about to stress some more to make some sense it blacked out.. I was cozying in that pool of water.. The soft waves sending little tickles across my body and suddenly the soft waves turned into huge waves, trying to gulp me away when i woke up with a start.

This time my back hurting and my head swirling.. I could feel my dress to be wet.. A sense of embarrassment crossed my mind and I tried to hid the disgust for I thought I had wet my pants.. Just then the similar wetness trickled down my eyebrow, through my eyelid and to my lips.. It tasted blood.. I panicked and yet again made an attempt to move and the reality struck that i was beneath the pile.. Of something, somewhere… I was drifting back yet again in that nothingness and finally in the same relaxing pool…

I gained conscious after sometime. The weight over me was comparatively less. But this time my body was suffering from an excruciating pain emitting from every inch of my being. I was about to submerge into that comforting darkness when I heard a loud thump. The sharp lights were blinding me. The air suddenly felt stingy. I then tried hard to remember who exactly was with me and what’s the situation…

I was out on a stretcher. The police and ambulance’s sirens could be heard. Some people were giving some orders in an extremely high pitch, when I heard a voice I knew.. Someone familiar, someone very close. But I couldn’t open my eyes.. My eyes were wet and I felt a soft touch on my arm. I pulled out all my strength and finally opened my eyes and let a gasp out. I could see the face of that voice. It was my love, my husband..

He just uttered those magical words which held me from floating away – Be with me

*It’s a Day 2 : ‘B’ of the A to Z April 2013 Challenge

** Kindly note that this blog was already published on April 02, 2013.