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Dina woke up startled. The surrounding was pitch dark. She tried to locate the switch board just to realize that this isn’t the usual place. She was about to get a panic attack when the door opened and there was a figure standing in the doorway blocking the bright rays emitting from outside. Dina was scared. She tried to move back but couldn’t find a place. Having no place to move and the fearsome thoughts pondering Dina dared to gaze that figure. She was sure that the dark figure was a lady. That mysterious lady raised her hand and Dina clutched her eyes shut and clenched her fist, only to hear the sound of a button clicked. When she opened her eyes she was surprised to find herself lying in the basement and that mysterious figure was none other than their house help. Dina was confused, for she wasn’t able to make sense on how she woke up in their basement.

Dina – 16yrs old girl with dark brown eyes, beautiful features, wheatish skin, slim figure and yes an inquisitive mindset. She had a tendency to dig into any issue to its root. She would then narrate each of such interesting instances in her dear diary for she wanted to compile all these instances into an interesting big book.

So when Dina woke up one day in the basement she got impatient. She wanted to know the reason. She grabbed a pen and a paper and started jotting down all the activities she had done the previous day, all the people she came across and even all the things that some had told her. She started listing down the possibilities as well. She wasn’t able to decide on what might be wrong. Whether she was hiding and fell asleep? But then she ruled out the possibility as she was sure that she had gone to bed in her own room after reading that final page of the novel she was reading.

It was almost noon and she still had no answer. Finally she thought to confide in her mom for she was scared that something bad was happening to her. Dina walked into the living room where her mom was busy with her handicraft. She sat beside her mom. Lovingly her mom tried to show what she was upto thinking that Dina is taking interest in the handicraft. But then her mom saw her flushed face and asked if anything is wrong. Dina took a deep breath and told her mom the entire story of how she woke up in the basement and how she tried to find out the reason and how she thinks that something bad is happening to her. While narrating the incident Dina was satisfied that her mom was attentively listening to her narration and she knew that mom would help her understand the reason. She was waiting for her mom to speak.

Whole time during the narration she did not notice that her dad too was in the same room and listening to her. He walked up to her and caressed her lovingly and told her that there is a secret that she doesn’t know. Her mom gave her a smile and dad told her that they had found the secret out a few months ago, but didn’t want to scare her. Dina was stiff for she was about to know some dark secret and an answer to the riddle of her waking up in the basement.

She closed her eyes and wished that it shouldn’t be much bad. And then the final revelation came her way which left her spell bound for she was not accepting anything of this nature, for she was now scared even more. But she knew that she had to trust her parents for they would be the ones helping her out with the problem she had of – Sleep walking!


(Short story)

* It’s Day 4 : β€˜D’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge