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I woke up one day
In the hallway of my mind
The idea was strange
And so was the place

I thought it to be dream
Yet everything felt too real
The strange objects with unknown figures
And the many rooms with closed doors

I felt scarred
I felt jarred
This wasn’t the abode
I lived in so far

Soon I realized
That the surroundings are familiar
The things and the swings
Felt no surreal

Just when I was getting used to the fact
The door opposite caught my eye
It had no name plate
And was closed behind the bars

My curiosity led me to investigate
The secret behind that closed door
Though the key was lost
I planned to explore

While on the mission of exploration
I met an unknown me
Who shared a simple truth
That it’s no one else but me who is the key

I stared at that door
Wondering how to further go
How am I the one
To reveal the hidden secret which lay indoor

Having no answers
And no one to offer any help
I walked up to that mysterious gate
No sooner then I did realize
That the mysterious place is nothing but my mental facade.

* It’s Day 6 : ‘F’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge