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At the brink of the cliff, Sam sat staring in nothingness with a heavy heart. The happenings of the day were creating a whirlpool in his head. He was in disbelief as he wasn’t ready to hear such a news.

The day was coming to an end. He knew that soon it would be dark and he had to return home as Amy would be waiting for him eagerly. He couldn’t gather his courage to get up and get going. He waited for the stars to show up. The idea of waiting for the stars made him feel better as he had spent years in peace under the starry blanket when his heart would be foggy..

‘Why me?’ was the only question which Sam wanted to be answered.

He was saddened over the thoughts pondering in his head. He had spent months planning for this surprise gateway and Amy was so excited about the whole surprise idea. He knew that she might be getting restless since she had tried to contact him multiple times, but he had not returned any of her calls or messages.

She should know the truth. But Sam couldn’t decide when. The truth had shattered his belief, his entire being. And now he did not want to ridicule her fate and future. But..

It was time to go home. He had to tell Amy everything.

In an hour’s time Sam was in their parking lot. Amy was about to start the ignition of her car when he entered. With her teary eyes she let out her emotions for she was worried. He stared at her in pain and love.

They sat on the couch. She was resting her head on his shoulder.. He cleared his throat and uttered those dreaded words with lowered eyes. He was into final stage of cancer and that there was nothing that could be fixed. They held each other and cried their heart out for they knew that soon it would be time to bid Goodbye.

* It’s Day 8 : ‘G’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge