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Tiya came back to her room after watching the TV programs. Today she was a bit upset. Reason? Well it was knowingly unknown to her. She was experiencing an emotional turbulence.

College wasn’t exciting anymore for her. Not because she wasn’t interested in her course but because Becky had told her that they couldn’t be friends anymore. Becky had always been Tiya’s best friend. And she wasn’t ready for that blow.

While at home Tiya loved to discuss everything with her mom. Her mom was her second best friend. But today she couldn’t even talk to her. Mamma felt something is wrong. She asked Tiya twice about it. Instead of reliving her burden to mom, she screamed at her. Her mother was saddened. But she knew that Tiya is growing up, but for her mom Tiya would always be her little girl. Soon after Tiya’s outburst her mom had left the living room and gone straight to bed.

So when Tiya came to her room she was grieving since Becky had left her and she had distanced her mom so shrewdly. Tiya was depressed. She wanted to cuddle her mom and tell her everything. She wanted to apologize her mom for her mistake. But she was afraid that mom would not be same again.

The thoughts were whirling in her head when she fell asleep soon to wake up. Tears trickled down her face. She got out of the bed and walk towards her mom’s room, to find her sitting at her usual place, eyes closed and humming the sweet usual lullaby. Hearing which Tiya used to feel calm and sleep silently. When she heard it today she cried uncontrollably, apologized her mom for her mistake, told her all that happened with Becky.

Her mom consoled her. Told her that it’s tough when people leave but also to have faith, that in life we meet new people in every walk of our life. And she too will get a friend who would value the relation. Also her mom asked her speak to Becky once and check if there is any problem and if so then try to resolve it. Tiya was convinced. She was the little girl again when her mom cuddled her and the humming of the lullaby sent Tiya to a peaceful dreamland..

* It’s Day 9 : ‘H’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge