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Kill me.. Yes I mean literally. Oh I am not weird. I am definitely not insane. I am just tired. You know why? Because I am a girl.

Each day I open the newspaper, switch on the TV channel, sign in to some social media platform and find what? Murder….

One such incidence has already scared the hell out of me. In the month of Dec 2012 my whole country was rocked with a lot of drama. The general public vs the government. A girl was raped  by 7 men in a moving vehicle on On 16th Dec 2012 and was  brutally attacked by those men, leaving every inch of her charred. Her intestines were pulled out when the monsters inserted a metal rod into her and had pulled it out. She finally gave up the battle 0n 29th Dec 2012. The people were enraged and the political parties who first blamed her later called her ‘Nirbhaya’ (The fearless). (Based on true story – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Delhi_gang_rape_case)

This one got into limelight (whatever might be the reason) but there are so many innocent girls who are raped, murdered, tortured each day in my land and their plight goes unheard.

I hear the views of people and get a big lump in my throat. I get enraged when they say that it’s the girls fault to step out of the house, to study, to work, to have want of leading a life. In my country each one wants to imitate the modern culture but with some ulterior motives.

When I walk on the road I don’t feel safe. When I travel in trains I don’t feel safe. When I am alone in the office I don’t feel safe. I feel all the eyes that are upon me the moment I leave my safe abode.

Who is to be blamed? The society? The people? The politicians? The culture?

In my say each one of us including me. You may blame the old for being such a wuss and blaming me for being at fault. You may blame the guys for they treat me a ragged doll and never as a human being. The woman in me for being so fragile and giving in to all
the situations thinking she is a weakling.

Here there are campaigns to save me from being aborted. I question why? Why do you want me to be saved and for whom. For the leeches to suck my blood or for the vultures binge on my flesh? No I say you don’t save me. I better not take birth which will save me from this wrath.

I am a girl. And I am scared to live in this society. Hence I have a simple plea that you kill me and give me a respectful death.

I wished to take birth, to play, to sing, to dance, to love and spread the tenderness. But I am scarred and thus wish never to be born as a girl ever again.


* It’s Day 12 : ‘K’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge

(Note: I do not mean any indecency against my country. I am proud to be an Indian. But I am a girl who is the victim of the circumstances. This post was just to share my feelings to you.)