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I have been thinking about this topic since the challenge has begun. But I was waiting for this ‘M’ to arrive. So here it goes. Today I will be collating the best tweets, best quotes by people as appealed to me. I wish to mention those who have quoted the sayings as I don’t want to make it anonymous unless opted so by the owner.

@cafe_zorro: Somewhere in between all that nothing, there was a weekend. #mondaywoes

@Mrs_TheMostHigh: Can I have an extension of the weekend, peeeeese?! #MondayWoes

@pranavsapra: Monday is like an evil step mother to a good weekend.

@AmmoLoaded: Monday Monday go away. No one wants you to stay.

@obeyMJ: Everybody is tweeting “OMG I CANT BELIEVE TOMORROW IS MONDAY”, I’m like tf’ you think came after Sunday? Sunday Jr.?

Anonymous Tweet: Hey girl are you Monday morning? Coz I wanna stab you so freaking bad.

@FactsOfSchool: Shortest horror story: Monday.

@the_speakmans: Happy Monday:
Today expect magic. Expect miracles. Expect something spectacular to happen. What you’re
looking for is what you’ll receive.

@TheScotchGirl: Oh Hell…….blubbbbb…blubbbb #Monday

The people around me gave me those weird looks (as if I am crazy) and denied to comment anything. Yet I have managed a few comments:

Subhash says “Hate to wake up on Monday morning”.

Manju says “Huh ok, rise”

Heena says “No office please”

Krishna says “Hangover”

My husband says “Damn! Office??… 😦 ”

My brother says “Pathetic”

The common inhibitions across the globe have been of distress. I am no different. I wake up so dull each Monday and a little better on Fridays because I know that it is followed by a two days week off. And comes the Monday again.

According to me we cannot blame ‘Monday’ alone as for all those days followed by holidays are culprits.

We constantly blabber that why isn’t there a holiday in between the week, why is the week seven days long, why isn’t it three days or four days. But then we don’t realize that we would be constantly nagging about having to work, study, etc. for it is routine that we hate.

Break free from the routine and fly high while your wings have strength for there wouldn’t be any time as today…
It’s Day 15 : ‘M’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge