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Obsession is a funny word to me.. Funny because if you mention it you may distance people, you may get all the attention, you might as well possess something spectacular ( I like to believe that spectacular for someone might not be the same for others).

It comes with pros and cons. People won’t admit their obsessions would give you a hint by stating that a little of it is worth or better still they might say that it is a must have. But try to dig into and all these people would shrug and walk away.

You might be thinking, what about me? Well I too have some obsessions. But you may count me amongst those who deny the fact. Basic human nature you see..

Our obsessions may vary with time, people, place, etc. They might be there for a little while or maybe for forever. They are our companions. Infact our identity at times.

Don’t let the very thought of being obsessive ashame you. Be proud for it is your genetic makeup..

My current obsession is this A to Z blogging challenge .. 😉

What’s yours????

* It’s Day 17 : ‘O’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge