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Kris was not in a good mood today. She climbed the stairs deep immersed in her own thoughts. She knew that today was the day when she will have to spill the beans to Greg. The repercussions of the talk could be unpleasant. But she didn’t want to leave any doors open.

Kris stayed two blocks away from Greg’s house. She had left him a note while on her way home. It was an invite for dinner. She wanted to make it easy for Greg to accept the fact. But she herself was in quite a dilemma. Just then the phone rang. It was Greg. He sounded distracted but he had called to accept the invitation and told her he would be there by seven.

Kris prepared a very formal dinner, yet it wasn’t close to perfection. Who cares? Thought she. For this is not to impress someone.

The clock struck 7 and that was it. Greg would be soon there. Just then the door bell rang. Kris went for it. Yes it was Greg, with a bottle of wine in his hand. Kris smiled and let him in. She started feeling the same distractedness in his presence that she had felt on phone. She tried to let go off those thoughts at the moment.

They both sat at the dinning table in an awkward silence. Kris was confused. It was she who should have been different and not Greg. Her thoughts started becoming hazier than before.

Some time passed by in silence and uncomfort. Kris decided to speak her mind. She was thinking on how to begin, just then Greg spoke. He had a hint of guilt in his eyes. He stood up, walked to the other side of the table and held Kris’s hands.

With his head bent low he made a confession. Kris couldn’t believe what just happened. Greg was breaking up with her because he was involved with someone else. This wasn’t true. Kris was in denial. She felt as if she is stabbed in her heart and is gasping for breath.

Greg left Kris with a bleeding wound. She was broken, wondering all that she had to tell him. Her head was a clear slate except of the evenings incidence. The tears too had betrayed her. She sat on the floor, lost. There was no one to console her or be with her and there was no stimulus to gather her. She was on her own, in an oblivion.

(…to be continued)

*It’s Day 18 : ‘P’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge