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The sand so soft, the waves so frothy
The shells that lay, the trees that sway
Be it the sunrise or sunset
Monday to Sunday and through the seasons
The sea is an eternal beauty.

I dream of days lying on the seashore
Though the sun is sorching,
And moonrays gorging
The nights so dark
I fall in love again and again and again

The rythm of the waves
Invokes the feelings that lay beneath
They make me happy, they make me sad
They bring out the unspoken ones
Yet I love the sea for its pure innocence

There would be some day
I will build a house
Facing my beloved sea
And being amazed by its iternal beauty
Through the vastness and the deepness
For it’s the most amazing creation, the mighty sea….

* It’s Day 22 : ‘S’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge