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Thoughts – each one has one. No matter what age, what gender, what belief you are from, they never leave us alone. I am no different. I have a great stock of them, untouched, unspoken, unheard of. Virgin thoughts you might want to call it. Oh I am not spilling the beans here. It’s just my opinion on them that you would get to know. The real ones are safe beneath and i am not sure for how long would I want them to be into the hiding.

I drown in my own unspoken thoughts. I cannot revisit them for I lose the sense of direction once I keep them safely in the most secret spot. They are lost to me forever as if never to find them again.

My train of thoughts is always speeding. No signal to halt it and neither an emergency brake. It’s always rushing. I wonder if there would have been cops to arrest them, I would have been elated to visit them frequently.

As I am opinionating on a matter so delicate yet crucial I have come to a realization that time has just passed by. Soon I will have to get down at my destination. But still this alone can never be the reason for the mind to work and emitt those beautiful thoughts.

No matter if they are happy or sad, painful or sweet they are the part of my existence and I am sure they would never betray me by leaving me in this strange wide world.

Cherish the thoughts that you have. For they are the priceless treasure you can ever own. Happy thinking!!!

* It’s Day 23 : ‘T’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge