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Oh yes this had to come sooner or later. Certainly you are free to assume that I am obsessed with this term called ‘Friend’. So be it, coz I certainly am.

Let me begin by telling you a long story cut short.

In a far off a place there lived a girl named Sophie. An average looking girl. This tale is about the people around her and their relativity. But this is in particular about a species defined as ‘Friend’.

She knew not how the world has defined this species. The dictionary meaning of Friend ~ person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. (meaning as defined in Dictionary.com)

Ok so let’s start.

Sophie was a kid going happily to school, religiously following all that was to be followed. One such tradition was to have a ‘best friend’. What must have started as someone’s interest later became a compulsive obsession. She came across this thing finally. Dear little Sophie began looking out for that person who would fit the category. She finally zeroed down on a quite, sincere and studious girl Sasha in her class.

The saga continued. Happily merrily Sasha was introduced as Sophie’s best friend to the class. It was then a taboo to share a best friend with anyone else. Oh this was quite common in the kids universe. Hence there wasn’t a chance of Sophie and Sasha parting their ways. According to Sophie they were now bonded for life.

But life had other plans. Sasha never was that attached to Sophie as the later was to her. Couple of years passed by in this fragile relation. When it was time for some change. Students left and new ones came. This change washed away that fragile bond between Sophie and Sasha. Sasha broke those vows and befriended someone else, leaving dear Sophie in tatters. She tried a lot to persuade her but alas, there was no hope any further. All ties were left loose.

Finally came a day when Sasha left school, never to be found again. Sophie was deserted. No hopes, no chances. She was standing alone on that turn of her life.

This was that point when the hunt began. For yet another person to fill up the void. Years passed by but nothing was changed. Sophie met a lot of people during her journey but none to hold on to forever.. The quest for that special one is still on, for she wants someone whom she can call a ‘Friend’.

* It’s Day 24 : ‘U’ of A to Z April 2013 Challenge