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Whoaaa… I am the survior.


I was introduced to this challenge when someone retweeted the link and I happened to check it (I am so thankful to the lady). I signed up for a challenge with my listing at #1280 (I guess I am right with the number). After signing for days I kept thinking what would I do with the blog? What should I be posting? Would I be able to express myself in writing? Will someone actually read my posts? Would I be able to keep up with the dates and the post? Well a lot of questions were popping up in my head. When I posted my first post (A)ttempt I wasn’t sure about how to begin but I got a boost when my fellow A to Zers encouraged me with likes and comments.

This A to Z Challenge was a stepping stone for my entrance into a real virtual world. I saw my writing improve and I also saw myself getting completed gelled up with the A to Zers.

I call this challenge a journey which is flagged off by Arlee Bird and April 2013 challenge is its first milestone. There were many co travellers. Some succeeded in reaching this milestone easily while some had some hiccups while there were also few who abandoned this trip. I am that traveller who completed this first challenge with mild hiccups yet here I am the ‘Survivor’. The journey helped me win a lot of great friends. Three of them I am naming below:

Ficticious Amo : I have made a friend in her. She is the first person who has given me true feedback along with certain pointers which have and always will help me in my future writings. I am truly glad to have known her.
Michael J. Cahill : Always an inspirer with his writings and a friend to me (I say that). He has always encouraged me with my posts and has always been there to boost my morale. It’s really my pleasure to have known him here.

Ayush : Ayush and Akhil both are great at their skill. However I befriended Ayush and I am happy about it. Once again a friend who helped me survive and pepped me up with those helpful comments. I am happy to know him.

The blogs that I came across were all great in their own ways, however the following are the ones who had held my attention from A to Z:

Ficticious Amo

Nouveau Scarecrow

Bob’s Wife

C.B. Wentworth

Lady’s Knight

The Red Kimono


Not just with the ones I have mentioned above but I have come to a realization that the world is beautiful with all these people and their talents. And its my utmost pleasure to have been a part of this wonderful saga.

Happy blogging.

Sr No Day Letter Blog
1 Monday A (A)ttempt
2 Tuesday B (B)e with Me
3 Wednesday C (C)adenced Thump
4 Thursday D (D)ina
5 Friday E Never (E)nough
6 Saturday F (F)acade
7 Sunday    
8 Monday G (G)oodbye
9 Tuesday H (H)umming
10 Wednesday I (I)n my city
11 Thursday J (J)ammy
12 Friday K (K)ill me
13 Saturday L (L)ove
14 Sunday    
15 Monday M Knock knock it’s (M)onday
16 Tuesday N (N)othing lasts forever
17 Wednesday O (O)bsession
18 Thursday P (P)unished soul
19 Friday Q Never Will I (Q)uit
20 Saturday R A (R)oad less traveled
21 Sunday    
22 Monday S The mighty (S)ea
23 Tuesday T Thoughtful (T)hinking
24 Wednesday U (U)nfriended
25 Thursday V The (V)alley of Shimla
26 Friday W (W)ish
27 Saturday X (X)aria, the warrior princess
28 Sunday    
29 Monday Y The mocking (Y)ears
30 Tuesday Z (Z)ara