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Is twice a mistake still a mistake? Is it still considerable?

It happened to us on a Saturday, 4th May 2013. We were happy when we were walking home after watching the movie, Iron Man 3. Laughing and teasing each other we stepped into our ground floor apartment, to be caught completely unaware.

We were standing in about 2-3 inches of water. It was a scarry sight. My husband rushed to find the reason but I stood there in shock. He came back irritated that the tap in kitchen sink was left open and it had flooded the house. I was almost in tears to see the carpet floating, the soaked bags, the messy water. But we had to clean it all. Just then we realized that we had forgotten to check the bedroom. I rushed in but was surprised to see the room all clean and dry. That was when we realized that our apartment is tilted.

We immediately got on the job and started removing the water. After 2hrs of laborous work we finally managed to clear our place of water.

The aftermath of the mess was book pulp, wet clothes that were stuffed in the bag, messed up carpet and my spoiled favorite dress (it hurts).

Our parents were very kind for not making a fuss of the situation. We took the entire episode as a learning, thinking that we are now aware even of such worse situation too. The next day we kept thinking and laughing on how the whole day and especially the night had turned out. We weren’t much happy about one thing, that we didn’t think of clicking any pictures.

Everything was going great after that nightmarish incidence. When we had just gotten over that event, the calamity struck once more yesterday i.e. 14th May 2013. Yet again we were absentminded to leave the tap open and leave our house flooded. That terrible event was yet again mocking us in our face.

We spent more than hour to clean our house. The only good thing was that this time there was minimal damage for my husband had smartly placed plastic coating inside the bags and thus our belongings were safe. Oh and there is one more good thing our wish of clicking a picture which had gone unfulfilled last time was granted this time. Here it is.


We have lived the nightmare twice and now I am keeping my fingers crossed that this be the last time. Hope the Universe would be merciful and spare us from that horrid experience.