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*** This is my #Project100 contest entry hosted by 1hundredworks and it’s my humble request that you view the post and express your thoughts on the contest page hosted here : A32-Umwelt by Kripali Kulkarni


I lost track of place and time

And I soon landed into the dungeon of my own mind

The whole world appeared to me as a Venn diagram

Where I stood at the partial intersection without uttering a single anagram

You are part of this tryst

Is just to make sure that when I leave this world there would be no twist

My dark and secret world ain’t open to you for free

This is a mere peephole to give a glance to thee

Underlying are my thoughts which are like close netted molecules

There isn’t any heat to free them of their own solitude

My state is no different

As the Me in Me is mute and indifferent

The thoughts in my mind are at a constant turmoil

Like a volcano burning in the gut but no traces of spewing the burnt

There is no end result to my mental sufferings

As the semantics are quite confusing

The intersection of your world happens at a point

Where my mute self is dominant and there is no flip side

I stand in a place

Where it’s shallow like hell

I am the prisoner of my own rotten self

Its just that I am glad that you peeped into my distant and distorted Umwelt.