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Facebook is an era of
The silly mushy forwards
The good lucks and the bad
Of saving babies with likes and comments
And commenting in the box with a number to reveal the magic

Facebook is an era of
Opening fortune cookies
And daily quotes
Annoying FarmVille and Diamond Dash requests
And invoking of the superstitious minds

Facebook is an era of
Singing to the tunes of cricket and football matches
Of adding friends and never actually keeping in touch
It also is of merely sending the Poke updates
And multiple photo updates with some good but mostly silly tag lines

Facebook is an era of
The shepherd annoying villagers
With the story of the wolf
Testing patience at all times
Just to be left alone in the times of dire need

Facebook is an era of
The intellects going all mute
And the leisurely rising their spearheads every now and then

The Facebook era is what
I have seen it all
Where you might get 100 likes on your photo
But a genuine request is ignored
I know that you can relate to what I say
But this might just be miced aside as an another post
Tagged as ranting or the work of the unknown

In this era we just have long forgotten the famous saying
That a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Happy Facebooking dear ‘Friends’!