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The arrival of the postcard
Will it vouch for my impending love
Or is it just a mockery
Of my ages long waiting wait

Let the coin be flipped
The fate be whipped
Let the joys and sorrows unfold
Let not my love for you go untold

My demeanor is tidy
I just trust you blindly
Don’t treat me like a ullage
Peep into my heart and witness an undying love gone savage

My love for you just goes wild
Your fragrance ignites and glides
My heart goes deaf and dumb
It beats with a diminishing cadenced thump

My brainy brain comes to the rescue and help
The heart at riot is an impudent whelp
Despite being the despised one
It is least bothered about the impounding soul

The days of the months of the calendar year
Scream to me to be near
I am no weak nor am I queer
Lest love be an aide to pep me and cheer

My soulful heart is taking up the responsibility
To tumble in your eyes
To smother in your voice
And fall for you my dear clement kind

My love for you is unruffled
My veins have it all
Free flowing and abundant
It is the religion etched deep in my mind, to be there for forever and ever.

Note: This is my entry for Write Tribe Contest # 1 hosted by Corinne Rodrigues.