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The sleep overpowered me clocking seven minutes straight
I met a guard at entrance albeit
It was the first time of my entering this strange place
Yet he seemed no strange and had such a grace
He greeted me with a bow and head held low
I was curious upon his civility bestowed
He led me a pathway entwining but lit
He then dropped me at a door step mystical and elite
The gate opened on its own with a loud cracking sound
The manor I was entering was enchanting and it left me spellbound
As I walked down the aisle of what seemed like a huge dining hall
The people rushed from all the corners, the maids, a butler and all
All were familiar yet so unknown
I sat at the head of the table and felt so lone
The grandeur in the place and mannerism was so unexplainable
To define the glory I was not able
The loud gong of the clock brought back the memories
I came to a realisation of being the Queen
Of this great manor and the county
The memory instilled a sense of pride and honour
The feeling of belonging and the prestige galore
The meal was served grand and sumptuous
I could eat a little as I was somehow full and feeling a little obnoxious
The clock struck twelve and brought the sweet sleep along with
To let me soak, in the ocean of dream
The maids accompanied me to my private chamber
It was tastefully painted in hues of amber
I climbed my royal bed and gave in to the deep sleep
To travel the time and go to a distant world and peep
The clock struck Seven and I woke up with a beautiful smile
As it was mere Seven minutes since I had hit the snooze of the alarm and had travelled miles!

*** Day 4 : This post is for Festival of Words hosted on WriteTribe