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How many of us actually know who the makeup artist is when we watch movies, serials, shows and performances? No we don’t know. Stephy was one such person. She was a makeup artist for Superstar Melanie. She was the most unfathomed one.

Stephy lived a low profile life. She stayed with her elder brother in this Bollywood loving city Bombay. Yes, she loved her work a lot.

It was around 10pm that day when she returned home after making Melanie ready for that pre-launch party. She was in dire need for some rest for tomorrow was going to be one hectic day. It was Melanie’s movie launch tomorrow where she was to introduce someone new for her next movie. Stephy knew how much her boss was excited for tomorrow as the concept of the movie was hers.

Stephy was lying on the bed, wondering what Melanie had told her that morning that she will be taking a life altering decision. In fact she was confused as she had never seen Melanie so tensed. All the excitement of hers had an underlying hint of pain that Stephy was unaware of. All these thoughts were creating a whirlwind in her head and amidst all the ruckus she fell asleep.

The morning was beautiful as the Sun was finally on the horizon after the intense mayhem by the rains for last so many days. Her day began with all the daily chores and schedule. It was 11 am when she walked through the gates of Melanie’s bungalow.

The aura of that day was totally different. There was nothing lined up for next few hours and thus she had all the time to relax accept Melanie’s occasional panic bouts and the time to time revisiting the style diary she had on her laptop to confirm and reconfirm her boss’s look for the evening.

It was 6pm and it was time for Melanie to get ready. As soon as Stephy stepped in the room, there stood Melanie , all anxious and hyperventilating. The moment she saw Stephy enter, her nerves almost calmed down. Melanie gave a smile to Stephy and they rushed to the makeup room. It took an hour and half for Melanie to be ready with a revived vibrance and charm. Stephy’s task for now was completed and she was about to leave the room when Melanie made her sit. She ordered Stephy to get dressed. Mike, Melanie’s backup stylist, entered the room. He gave a nod to both the ladies. Stephy was confused. The happenings were absurd as none of this was in the schedule. Melanie gave a nod and Mike started working on Stephy’s looks. It took him an hour and Stephy had not once glanced in the mirror. For the entire time Melanie sat there in silence. She was awestruck looking at Stephy. She asked Stephy to have a look in the mirror. Stephy was shocked to see the transformation as she was looking drop dead gorgeous.

It was almost 9pm and they had to leave for the launch venue. Stephy was stunned and in a shock. She had absolutely no idea what was going around. As if under a magical spell she followed Melanie into the car. They settled and the car left out from the gates. Melanie was completely aware of the pondering thoughts in Stephy’s mind. She held her hand and poured out her heart. She told her about her two announcements that she had planned to make during the launch. Stephy came to her senses and was on verge of a panic attack when Melanie comforted her.

It was 10pm when they reached the venue. The media was going bonkers at the arrival of a gorgeous lady with Melanie. Stephy too had a natural charm and poise when she posed in front of the camera just as if she was living it each day.

The next few hours were crazy. The media, the party, the shocking announcements. Ahh.. Finally day came to an end. It was 3am when Vikas, Melanie’s driver, dropped Stephy home. Roger, her brother, was waiting for her.

She entered the house. Roger couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His sister was looking just like an angel in that pale pink long gown and a gorgeous look. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Stephy knew it well that what he was going to hear would be a shock to him too. Stephy sat on the couch and started narrating the day’s happenings. Roger let out a gasp hearing that his little sister is now casted as Melanie’s movie ‘Star’s lead actress and the next news was absolutely shocking that Melanie had declared her retirement, that she would no longer be working in the movies and that ‘Star’ is her final project. Tears rolled down Stephy’s eyes as she was speaking about it all in from of her brother.

Melanie had done something that no one ever in the history of Bollywood had ever dared to do. A formal retirement announcement and that too at the prime of a career. Everybody was well aware that Melanie had made a history that day and her name would be etched in gold forever.

Stephy had no idea where life was taking her. Roger was proud, really proud of his sister. They had never ever expected that the end of those crazy seven hours would be with a gift of Stardom. It was beyond their belief but then destiny has a vital role in this movie called Life.

When finally she got some breathing space alone Stephy started thinking about Melanie’s words. That she had seen some spark in her. And that she knew that it isn’t a mistake. Stephy chuckled as her lovely boss had actually planted a dream in her and was striving herself to make that dream a reality. She couldn’t even thank Melanie for the gratitude couldn’t be expressed merely in a Thank You, the depth was far too great.

Stephy certainly wouldn’t have slept that night.

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