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Kiran was frantically telling Mita about Anshay dating a girl named Catherine. Mita had already drifted apart from what Kiran was talking. All she had in her heart was a sharp pain, a dry throat and a huge lump. She was choking.

Kiran just stopped abruptly when she saw Mita having a convulsion. It was the first time ever that Kiran was witnessing anything as such in person. She had seen something similar in that movie they had watched together a month ago. Meanwhile the cafe staff rushed to their table and picked up Mita and lay her on the floor. Kiran was crying. She was feeling helpless seeing her friend lying in such a miserable state. Somebody had already called for an ambulance.

Few minutes passed and Mita was still. She woke up feeling too tired and drained out. She was unable to figure out what had happened. Kiran took Mita in the ambulance to the hospital.

Kiran dropped Mita home and offered to stay. But Mita wanted some time alone. Kiran left. Mita walked over to the balcony of her sea facing flat located on 7th floor. The cool breeze of December wafted off her face and a chill passed through her spine. She went weak in her knees. The evening’s talk came back to her and she gave out a shrill cry. She had failed, this time too.

Her memories were too sweet to be visited at that moment. Anshay was everything to her. Their relation was really funny. For the last 3yrs of their togetherness they had fell out and in to the relation countless number of times. The only dark side was that the relation was a great secret. No one, not even Kiran knew about it. But the last fight…

It changed everything. She was aware that Anshay was not coming back this time. And she had accepted it. But this, this was terrible. It was a month since they had parted and Anshay was already dating someone.

The very thought of it made Mita mad. She was done crying. She rushed into her bedroom. Her madness melted into a heartfelt sob. Everything in the room had his scent, his likes, his dislikes, his laughter, his anguish. This was tough too tough. Mita closed her eyes, and all she could think for a moment was her proposing him, to be with him forever, and the next moment was all filled by his storming out of her life and now, now with someone else. This time it wasn’t her. She had put in everything to build a beautiful castle of her love, lest she knew that the foundation was feeble.

Tears rolled down her face. The happiest day of her life flashed in front of her. Last year’s Valentine Day. He had asked to write her wishes on a different pieces of paper and toss. She wanted to test the water and had written all the weirdest wishes she had on those pieces. Anshay had something in store for her. And now they are nothing but Seven Failures!

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