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In wake of the numerous cases and happenings against women at large of India, I being a woman and democratic individual of this country would like to express some thoughts in nutshell from my aggrieved and agitated mind.

When I say woman here in this post don’t shy away from considering them from all the age groups in total.

Liberation, Freedom of Speech, opinionated, individualistic are quite big words to be associated with a shallow being called ‘Woman’. Yes you read it right I just called myself and my likes as shallow.

We the women of this nation are always on the demeaning front. We have to consider a lot of things and people before we even dare to open our big mouth. The society, the neighbours, the friends, the colleagues and yes of course the family. All the shame in this world is brought to the aforesaid by us. Oh and to top it, all of them also have some bright ideas that our race (read women) needs protection. Yes we need to, but from whom? Well I better not say it here for all you readers are intelligent enough to relate.

We are not safe anymore in this nation. But are we safe anywhere on this planet for that matter? Well to much of my disgust I am bound to let out the truth, that NO WE ARE NOT. Yes the shouty capitals are to give some dramatic impact to my fragmented thoughts.

So, now that we need safeguarding the people of my beloved nation have laid down the rules and they are hellbent that we follow it. The list is endless. Few pointers from it are that we should not step out of our houses after 7 in evening (Infact we shouldn’t step out at all). Being into a job is something that leads the predators to get attracted to us and that we are the ones who are responsible for the consequences. Oh also we should now not enter any elevators in any building, ATMs, and likes for the confined spaces monitored or not are hazardous to our integrity. We should travel and be always accompanied by a male gender at all times (God save us from the aftermath and torturous time we might have if any harm comes to us even then. Yes the past cases are pretty demonstrative.).

What exactly is my point? Well the point is I am angry and I am venting out. Remember my Right for Freedom of Speech. Oh that. This freedom in particular is a Demon in Disguise. Let alone if we open our mouth the self promoted ‘law’ (here read the rules laid down for our wellbeing) enforcers will find a way to bring us to the heel.

To sum up, we women prefer our silence in all cases of harassments and crimes. You agree with me or not is not my prime concern. I just am concerned with my safety and well being, and it will remain intact if I remain silent. NOT.

Food for your thought, eh?