One question that haunted me constantly was ‘Are we ever 100% happy?’. This question without an answer was puttig me into a state similar to a fish without water. The internet wouldn’t help me, the elderly explained it to me in a way not completely acceptable and the world around me seemed a lot busy or uninterested to even attempt to answer it.

Day by day the restlessness kept crawling towards a peak. With each passing day the interest turned into a compulsion which seems to have turned into an obsession by then.

That was my cue to find the answer from the highs and lows of the society. I decided to dedicate atleast a day from my already busy week to go on a quest to find the answer. Each Saturday I would leave home at about 4.30am and in breaks and gaps spent the day out meeting random people, chatting, trying to inch closer to the answer. At times there were few same faces in different places but mostly the people were new. Their perspectives fresh and vivid.

I was possibly getting closer to the light. But what if I was not? What if there were no answers at all?

At the end of 4th week my patience started running out and I vowed to myself that the coming Saturday would be the final one and would no longer run around beating the bushes.

The hope was fading away. My heart was too contrite to think clear. The feeling of being useless started creeping up my viens. All I started believing was there is no such thing as complete happiness. I was waiting for the final day to arrive so as to get over with the mess that I had created for myself.

The alarm started blaring at it’s usual hour and I woke up distracted. It was Thursday. Something wasn’t right. I called in sick to office and decided to stay put in the cozy looking bed. But instead I decided to go out and visit a temple.

It was about 2pm when I was returning home when I spotted something usually unusual. I was glued to my spot staring at the view and I couldn’t help but click this picture of what looked so serene and so natural. My answer was there in that moment.


In that scorching afternoon heat, on the roadside bench, sleeping, was a lady with a dog sleeping under the bench. My mind raced and immediately recognized that she was one of the daily wage earners from that next door construction site, whom I have seen working each day. What was truly beautiful was that smile on her face, full of satisfaction & happiness.

There wasn’t a trace of dissatisfaction on her face. The analysis began in my mind. Maybe she is too poor, maybe she has kids waiting at home, maybe she has not had a proper meal in a long time, but she seemed happy. What must be her reason to be this happy? Finally my wary mind started to join hands with peace in believing that maybe it’s not that great a thing but yet there is a pure hint of it.

Yes happiness. There was my answer. Life takes us on a constant journey. Some short, some extremely long. Some exciting, some dull. Some fun filled, some bone chillingly scary. Happiness is in every little thing we believe it to be in & it is not in all the big things that we believe it not to be in.

All I can say from that moment onwards was ‘Happiness is belief’.

That night the sleep was too peaceful and complete for me.

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