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The temperature dropped and brought along the hope and craving for the juicy red strawberries. Eating them one after the other is a little stressful for my over sensitive throat. But the fruit is just unavoidable.

It’s been years since I have eaten the Kisan’s Strawberry Jam which has apparantely put me off jams like forever because of it’s sugar with strawberry infused flavour. One more thing that has strictly kept me away from this gorgeous fruit delicacies is the Strawberry flavoured Crocin syrup. (I really don’t wish to go there)

My mind just drew a Laxman rekha (remember Ramayana) & forbid me to cross that line beyond which were Strawberry flavoured Jams, jellies, pastries, etc. , only till one day this Nikhil Merchant like a Ravan lured me by posting amazing pics of his limited edition jams on twitter. The Sita in me fell for the trap and I did actually buy the Strawbs Chilli Jam.

By now you must have understood that this was a real big step for me. So now what follows is the review of the jam I am so talking about.

Product : Nonchalant Gourmand’s Strawbs Chilli Jam (Limited Edition)
Availability : Seasonal & limited
Price : INR 270
Ingredients : Juicy Strawberries, Kashmiri chilli with absolutely NO added preservatives
Shelf life : 2 months


Positivies : I would say that the jam is a little sour and sweet one with just a hint of chillies.
Before spreading it on a lightly toasted brown bread with creamy peanut butter I just digged in a spoon and ate straight from it as if I was that civilized.


You may just put in fingers and start licking and smearing it on the face as the good properties of the fruit can give you a fruit facial too. (I am kidding, you know that right?)
Yes I must say that the disaster in previously had jams were wiped clean after having this gorgeous stuff.

Expected : I was expecting the jam to be a little hot as the name suggested. But it was mild on the taste buds.

I also felt that a dash of salt may have enhanced the flavour nicely.

Nevertheless, the product is well made and lovely and I would definitely recommend that you better follow this handsome bachelor (Yes I did say that. I am too good to hint you of the prospects. And yes he is a wonderful cook too as per my sources. Shhh..) on twitter (@nikhil_merchant) and await an update next year for the product to be available again. I am waiting too…

Happy hogging bhookads.. (Just the way Adarsh Munjal would say)