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She tossed & turned in the night,
Repeating the silent bitter fight in her restless mind,
Craving to be held & the love confirmed.

He was annoyed with her for all her repeated mistakes,
No reconciliation in the picture,
But her face & that tear drop made a difference.

She vowed not to make mistakes,
But it happened over & over again,
The hope started fading,
Leaving her in the heart wrenching agony.

He forgave her every single time,
But the anguish built was burying their sole purpose of togetherness,
Their love.

She fought her own demons bravely,
Leaving no stone unturned,
Nor the focus fell apart,
The prize just left the ground before her battle ended.

He loved her much,
To his surprise he hated her much,
Love was a lie,
And her unstructured soul.

She moved further,
When the drift was visible,
Not to rip it apart,
But to cover it with her daunting soul.

His wait for her during the day,
His craving for her touch,
His feelings and emotions unattended to,
Gave birth to the darker soul.

She who crazily in love with him,
Dealt with her brazen heart,
All she wanted were the happy moments,
All she had was the battle of egos.

He walked away with his silent back facing her,
The turmoil was killing,
Yet the ties were torn beyond any further repair.

She closed her eyes,
Wished him good,
Appealed the world to be gentle to her love,
While she bid her final goodbye,
When the small joys of life were butchered.