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Life must be lived to the fullest in the eyes of the beholder but it should well be lived in health and happiness by the one. I am no prophet or a saint to set a guideline for you to follow the life and promise you some mind gobbling results at the end. It is simple, we just have one life. There isn’t anything such as a before life or even an afterlife. Debating is your birth right, so you may go ahead and debate this point of mine or any others for that matter. But that is what I believe.

Life is mysterious and it is fun to be so. What fun it would be if some mystic could actually show what will happen next in that crystal globe and you make a video of the same and post it on Vine or YouTube? 
(I am sure you would do that. Let me be frank, I would.) Ah well, you would get a lot of likes or even dislikes or better still some popularity. But that would be all short lived and you would soon be bored because you would know what’s happening next.

Are you still with me?

Well, the word Commandments in the title makes me think of a guide for some regimented life that this 1hw team is expecting me to write about. It’s too much for my delicate body and delicate mind 😉 . But it sounds fun so I will hereby give you 10 Commandments to Live Life.

1. Wake up early and go for a run or even a simple walk – Nothing is as wonderful as hearing the birds chirp and witnessing the street dogs wake up and the milk man on the bicycle and those flowers that would have bloomed that day. Plus there is a health benefit to this that the rusted body parts can show you there existence and your dear lungs would get some fresh air for a change instead of that stale cold AC air. Trust me on this, sleeping may be fun but too much of life happens when you are lazing around in that bed.

2. Sip the first cup of tea / coffee peacefully –Whether you have a company or no doesn’t matter. But what matters is some peace of mind and a time for your own self before the daily murderous life begins out there. Read a newspaper or simply sit and drink that tea or coffee. It would be a lot refreshing. And hey, if you are wealthy or have inherited a house with a verandah or a balcony or a porch then you might as well dust that area and make some use of it too. The area too would feel good about your presence.

3. Hobby or some interest would be recreational – It is never too late to develop a hobby or maybe you can revisit that long lost interest you had. Remember that? Maybe you loved to paint or draw or doodle, or maybe you loved to dance or maybe you loved to simply create different flowers or leaves and put in the various notebooks to dry. It would certainly be a good idea to think and let your mind wander and indulge in something other than a daily routine.

4. Eat some street food and some luxurious one too –Are you some figure conscious diet fanatic snob? (I am J figure conscious but I am not diet fanatic or maybe a little but I am certainly not a snob) Even if the answer to the question is similar to mine but still go ahead and explore those delicious delicacies by the road side. It’s drool worthy and you certainly cannot miss it in this life time. Well don’t you blame me if you totally ignore the hygiene and start hogging at every single food stall. That’s not what I am trying to tell you. All I am saying is look around and find some good places to eat which are not always the pocket burning fancy restaurants or lounges. While the fancy places should be on the list too but don’t forget to try the little ones too.

5. Cook and feed some lovely souls and that include you too – Cooking is wonderful. No matter if you’re a guy or a girl but this will surely get some smiles (provided you aren’t trying to make guinea pig of the person eating your dishes). Go hunt for some recipes and try them. If you and the ones you are feeding love them then make that recipe as your USP (Unique Selling Point). You would soon be a star when you host those lunches or dinner parties. If it doesn’t get to that don’t get disheartened you may try a different recipe next time.

6. Travel places – Travelling and going places is one amazing thing. It is not always necessary that travel would mean foreign trips or some far off places. It can be as simple as visiting your long forgotten native place or visit those wonderful historically important places or some beaches in your city or your own country or maybe go visit that place which can offer you a nice boat ride over the river or the lake. All you need is interest and GPS, rest all would be memorable.

7. Read and write – This one particular thing is something I really would suggest. Read a book or two or maybe more. But read. It will help you forget the reality at times and take you to someone else’s reality or fantasy. You may witness the brilliance around and the prowess with the language and thoughts. Not only this, it might even serve as a motivation point to write your own book or even a blog. It would activate your brain’s left hemisphere and some wonders could be created or some knowledge can be enhanced.

8. Visit a friend – Forget your phone someday at home (intentionally) and catch up with your old friend or parents or siblings or kids or loved one or in fact anyone. The social media and technology is a death to our interpersonal relationships. And trust me when you grow old and have kids and family and all the next generation would have totally forgotten what it is like to sit with someone and laugh till your stomach hurts or cry your heart out. Even if you don’t wish to think and get a long term picture even then you should meet some good old or new souls. That will be a wonderful stress buster than popping those pills or suffering.

9. Monitor your expenses regularly, save and then indulge in something that you had been thinking long enough – All you should do is maintain an excel sheet and calculate your earning vs expenses and try hard to save. You don’t need to have accounting skills for this. A basic of additions and subtraction and multiplication is enough to do this. Once you know how much you have saved keep portion of it aside for the contingencies and spend the rest on something that you have wished to do for a long long time. It isn’t necessary you do it all the time. In fact don’t do it all the time unless you have wealth to take care of you in future, but then if you have that kind of wealth then all this excel sheet business would be unnecessary. In case if you don’t have the wealth you desire even then indulge and let me know how you feel.

Last but the utmost important one is here below. Don’t forget to follow that by heart, no matter what.

10. Listen to your heart – All the above 1-9 commandments are about or for my life. Create your own list and forget about all that I have blabbered up there. All that is important is that you listen to your heart. The books, the suggestions by learned people, the blog posts like this may give you a hint or two but they certainly cannot define the way you wish to live your life.

I just want to say one thing that, on the canvas of life create memories which may be too wonderful or ugly but certainly the ones you would want to revisit and cherish or simply learn from them, since this is the only life that you have to live.

That’s all the gyaan I have to give you all.

(Note : This post is written for the March 2014 prompt ‘A Blogger’s Guide to Live Life : The Commandments’ by 1HundredWorks)