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My brain just understands the word CHALLENGE. Yes and that too in bold& CAPS. Well given a chance it might just go all out and start thing in some other outrageous formats too. Nevertheless I am glad that atleast it makes an effort to think. Don’t worry, this isn’t a brain tell a tale case. I just love that mystifying part of my body a tad too much.

Well so as I was mentioning above, my brain starts to work magic only when there is a motive. Did I make it sound like some serial killer? Don’t worry you kind hearted reader and just go on reading rest.

Year 2013 was my first year of the challenge and yes it was pretty much challenging. I always dreamt of a bridge between my hyperactive thoughts and my for that matter super lazy fingers. And tada! I found the super awesome medium in the way of blogging.

So, last year was an eye opener when I took up the challenge to blog each day in the month of April and to my greatest surprise finished it too. Test the limits is my middle name it seems. With that I am here yet again in 2014 to drive myself crazy with this super awesome blogging challenge and to take it to an altogether different level of excitement.

Four grand things are planned for this year’s challenge: a theme (Letters to My Daughter) for my posts, two guest posts scheduled, being a guest on one blog and being part of an awesome team ‘AJs wHooligans’.


Why this theme? Do you have a daughter? Are you pregnant? Are you adopting one?

Are you having any of these questions? Let me tell you something, I am not pregnant nor do I have a daughter or for that matter any kid and neither am I adopting any. This is a pure work of fiction. The theme first came to my mind the moment I registered for the challenge and so began the journey of my thoughts whirling around the theme. The theme has given my otherwise random thoughts a boundary to think.

The task on hand is fun, but taxing. So I have opted to write most of my posts in advance and schedule it for the relevant days. Isn’t that amazing? Oh well it very much is since this too is an advance post. 😉

That’s all for now. Happy blogging! See you around in the challenge and yes suggestions and comments are most welcome. Love you all!

** Note : This post is written for the “A to Z Theme Reveal Blogfest