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Hi Baby

This is my first letter to you. I have so many things to tell you. I know you are just 8 days old and too little to even blink your eyes but this letter is a proof of my love for you.

It took me three years, post my marriage, to find the courage of planning to bring you in this world. The idea of having a baby scared me like bad. I was worried what kind of Mom I would be to you? What kind of life would I be able to give you? Will I be able to manage my career and you at the same time? The list was endless. But one day when I woke up I just knew I was ready. Just like that. And that’s how you came into being.

Did I scare you or burden you with my uncanny thoughts or endless questions? Don’t worry sweetie I am just a new mom and they say such things happen to new moms. Let me tell you a secret, your dad is a sweetheart. He is more than ready to handle the bundle of joy that is you. It’s like he has always been ready for you.

The nine months during the pregnancy were the most exciting and extremely tiring too. First two months were a breeze because I had to remind myself of your presence. You were my little secret and there was no solid proof of it to the world. As the days passed the little baby bump started to show and people around me got a lot more caring and loving. I was lucky to not have any morning sickness but was unlucky to get frequent migraines. Day by day I would keep a track of myself and the hidden you in that full length mirror and would get happy every single time I would think about you. This was the time when we are unaware1 if you would be a girl or a boy and the stemming curiosity was making me restless with each passing day.

Days were starting to get difficult as moving around was tiring. The office stress was getting a little too much to handle but I had to tolerate it for another month before the leave began. My mood swings had increased and I was getting difficult to be handled for your daddy.

It was time when you rang the doorbell and alarmed us of your arrival 8 days before the due date and the festivities for your welcome began. You arrived in this world with a shrieking cry. A pink baby, healthy and fine and I must say that I was thankful to the almighty for keeping me alive to experience the pleasure of holding you for the first time.

Welcome to the world and your family little one. There is no greater joy than looking into your most innocent big frogy eyes (as your dad says) and seeing my own reflection in it. I want this moment to stall so that I can savor it to my heart’s content. I want to cherish all the moments with you and be there for you always.



1 : Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994 is an federal legislation enacted by the Parliament of India to stop female foeticides and arrest the declining sex ratio in India. The act banned prenatal sex determination.

Note : This post is written for the letter ‘A’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.