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Hi baby

The tiny hands, rosy lips, dusky skin looks so lovely on you. You got a year old yesterday and my joy knows no bounds. Wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart.

There is so much that has happened over this last year and there is a lot happening at this moment too. My words would definitely fail me if I start to describe every bit of it. But when you read this I want you to live those moments again through my eyes. I am sure it would be fun for you to read it all

You started to crawl when you were just 7 months old and by the time you were 8 months you had stood up. It’s such a wonderful thing, but hectic one too as now we have to keep a close vigil on you since all that is within your reach goes straight in your mouth.

The house fills with your laughter and also with your soul crushing cries. And to add to the list is the crawling and standing up. Your grandma and grandpa have to be on their toes for the whole day since I have joined work 6 months back and they are the ones who are actually watching you grow.

I have missed a lot of first moments like your first crawl and when you first stood up and your first fall. But what I did not miss is your first walk.

Just when we were done celebrating your 1st birthday and about to wrap up the dinner you freed yourself from your aunt’s lap and crawled to the corner table. Your dad was capturing it all on tape that time and just then you stood up, turned towards me and started to walk. That was your first walk, all by yourself. Your independence was what I could see then. Every single person in the room stayed put at where they were and other than your laughter there was not a single sound. When you finally reached me there was a thunderous applause from all and then as it happens in typical Indian families you were passed on to every single person in the room and were toyed and kissed and patted and all that. The party stayed for another hour before me and your dad could actually talk about all that had happened in the day.

I just cannot explain it to you how I felt. All I had were loads of goosebumps and those big fat tears of joy in my eyes. It was my gift on your birthday. One of the memories I could hold on to for forever.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘B’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.