Hey Sweetheart

It’s so much fun to watch you grow. You are 2yrs now and you have started understanding a lot of things. The first ever word you spoke was Da and not Ma. I had to coax you for months to make you call me Ma. Although you have started uttering few broken words but your speech is not clear. I know you are unique in your own way with all the accompanied complexities. But some developments are meant to happen in a sequence and at a particular age. And the challenge we are facing of your speech is a little worrisome.

You understand most of the things and you communicate but still in baby gibberish language. At 2yrs you should have started talking words if not sentences but all our efforts are in vain.

Daddy and I were worried and we took you to a lot of doctors but everyone has an opinion that kids who walk early talk a little late. I hope that is true and we would soon hear you talk.

There isn’t a single day when you stop telling us what all is happening with your gestures and your coded talk.

Your speech is a cause of our worry but on the other hand you have started to climb stairs up and down and now we have to make sure that the barricade to the stairs is in place at all times.

You work a charm on Grandma and Grandpa and they both are busier like never before. You are my naughty little baby. Until next time.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘C’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.