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Hey Sweetheart

Remember in my earlier letter I had mentioned that your speech was a challenge. But let me tell you with utmost happiness that when you turned just a little over 2.5yrs of age words blessed you with their power and now you speak a lot of words some proper but some broken. I have stopped worrying on that particular part because now I can see your effort to build sentences too. I am so happy with that development.

Today you have turned 3 and there is so much that has happened over this last year from you talking to your playschool admission to your first day at the playschool your learning, your naughtiness, etc. that I just couldn’t stop myself from writing it all to you.

We have admitted you in a playschool some 5 months back and this has helped your Grandma and Grandpa relax peacefully for whole 3hrs. The first few days of your playschool were dramatic for you as well as for all of us and especially your Grandma. You grew up so soon.

On your first day at school I came to drop you and you would just not let me go. So I did wait for whole three hours that day. You did cry a little but I just couldn’t leave you alone there. That day just went by. The days after that were comparatively easy. You got adjusted pretty soon. And thus began the school years of your life.

It was emotional for all of us to let you out of our sight but we knew that this stepping stone was to be achieved.

Happy birthday baby.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘D’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.