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Hi Baby

You would be 5 years in just 2 months from now. But today something happened which I really want you to know.
You started to walk early but with a little difference. You would walk just on your toes, all the time. It’s only when you wear shoes or sandals your heel touches the ground but that too not continuously. All my efforts to teach you that are being challenged in every possible way with each passing day.

Few months back I met one of my friend Esha who runs a dance school for kids and she gave me an idea to try something out. On her request I enrolled you in her dance school, which was just on trial. You were introduced to a new beautiful world by her, of Ballet dancing.

It’s been 6 months since you are learning Ballet at her school. I almost forgot about your walking habit in all this time. But three days back Esha aunty called me to inform that she wants you to perform at the upcoming Kalaghoda Arts Festival here in Mumbai. I almost panicked when she told me that you would be the youngest dancer and that you would be the lead in the dance. I was not sure if you were ready at all to face the crowd.

Your performance day was today and we all were left spellbound when you saw ruling the stage. You were my beautiful little princess performing fabulously and so confidently. Everyone around us was awestruck seeing the little yet powerful you out there on that stage.
My sweet little enchantress. It’s the power in you that you will still have to explore. But today on that stage what I saw was pure magic.


Note :Β This post is written for the letter β€˜E’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.