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It’s been a long while since the last time I wrote to you. But today I thought to talk to you about me.

You would be 10 next month. This is my milestone as much as it is yours. The idea of a child always made me nervous. I always thought it’s too much of a responsibility. There were so many ‘What Ifs’ which were unanswered. Yet when you happened, my perspective to life changed.

I became even more responsible, a lot calmer and with some miracle I am now more understanding than I was before. Last 10yrs were certainly not a cake walk but instead it is a climb. A climb where we both are companions of the journey pulling and pushing each other to reach that height called life.

Looking back at all those years gives me a sense of pride, a sense of achievement. An achievement which is you. Maybe the ‘What Ifs’ then were important and not so silly but today looking at my chosen path I feel no regrets. I am proud of you as my daughter and I am somewhat proud of me as your mother.

The time has got wings and the wind is catching up speed. Your transformations are visible. You are growing. But you would always be my little baby.

Until next time.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘G’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.