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Hi baby

This is my way to capture some memories which cannot be effectively captured in a photograph.

Last week you forced me to take you colors shopping. Till then I always thought you to be more dance and drama oriented than into painting. I was a little surprised when you told me that you would like to participate in the painting competition in school. But who was I to stop your creativity?

Before shopping we discussed about what you could paint since the topic was already provided to you that day. It was ‘I’. That one little letter had so much power in it, the power of presence. I gave you an idea which you loved immediately. We shopped for pastel color tubes and pencil colors. We bought you brushes and some sheets to practice on.

Luckily your Nani1 ma had come to stay with us for a week and when we told her about our idea she happily took the responsibility to make you practice.

The day arrived and you had to paint what you had practiced, at school. You were a little nervous, but obviously excited too. That day was done. You did not want to discuss how you did during the competition. And we assumed that maybe you forgot or maybe you did not complete your painting in those 3hrs. So we decided to let go.

Only to get a call from school yesterday that your painting was in the top 10 and that today was exhibition and results.

We were at the exhibition and couldn’t believe what we saw. You had won the first prize and that the school had planned to send your entry in national painting competition.

You had wonderfully painted a lovely ballerina with the pastel colors just as we had practiced but only with a modification. Instead of painting the front you had painted it backwards. You also had modified the dress by directly applying the pastel tubes on paper for that dress which gave it a bounce. And I knew it then that the painting technique was exactly similar to what I had painted when I was in school. Yes the credit to teach you that goes to your Nani ma.

And finally you told it to me that the reason for not discussing the competition was that during the competition you couldn’t remember how to paint a face and thus you ended up painting the ballerina backwards. All I could do with a choke in my throat was to hug you.

I am so happy today and so very proud. You have another feather in your hat.


1. Nani ma : Maternal grandmother

Note : This post is written for the letter ‘I’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.