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Hey baby

There isn’t always much to tell you everytime. And this is a normal life where there aren’t dramatic moments or experiences always. But there are little things in life that matter.

There are three such things which hold great importance: love, laugh, live. A person is born to love and it is upto the person to spread that love or to keep it to themselves. You give love and you get love in return. There might be setbacks but that is no stopping point. Loving those around you is one of the step to a happy life.

The laugh is integral. But laughing at others is cruel. You laugh your problems out, you laugh your joy out but you never laugh at someone else’s problems or mistakes. You must remember that when you laugh you spread happiness around and happiness is infectious. So don’t you stop from laughing or spreading smiles.

Live. Live life with values and beliefs. But don’t you get wound up in it and burden yourself for it is vicious. But without them the meaning would be lost and so would be the purpose.

You are 14 and too young to know all this right now. But this will help you sail through those at times quiet or at times violent tides of this vast ocean of life and hence I thought this important.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘L’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction. And apologies that this post is delayed by a day.