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Hey baby
You are 15 and not a little girl anymore, although you are a little baby to me and you always would be. But you are not old enough to be called an adult too. Yes this confusing state has a name, teen.

These days you get upset with little and not so important things at times and are absolutely ignorant the other times. But I am so glad that you are never ever disrespectful and I want it to stay that way always.

What makes me really happy is that we talk. We talk about almost everything ranging for the people you don’t like or the ones you like the most, about studies and future and at times even health and beauty. I always wished your Nani ma and I had such a relation. But although this sort of relationship was missing your Nani ma has done so much for me and your Mamu that I cannot ever think any little about her. But what you and me are building is what I had always dreamt of.

I see a lot of me in you. But with an art to communicate your feelings and emotions out. Remember one thing, that whenever you need me I will be there. Never ever stay away assuming that I would not understand something you are trying to tell me but believe that whatever good or bad happens I will be there to hold you and comfort you no matter what and that you must always come home to me.


1. Nani ma : Maternal grandmother

2. Mamu : Maternal uncle

Note : This post is written for the letter ‘M’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction. And apologies that this post is delayed by a day.