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Dear Daughter,  

It must be bothering you now. Some decisions that you have taken may be worrying you, some might not be. Know this that all of us have gone through the phase you are going through right now. Moments when you feel like giving it all up, because of the fear that something from your past will catch up with you.  

Know this, my angel, that no matter what you have done in the past, is past. Those things are what made you what you are now. If you think you have done something wrong in the past, there is no point lamenting over what has been done, rather you need to think about what you can gain from it. Every mistake can teach you something, like they say, failure is the stepping stone to success. So, if the ghosts of your past scare you, lock that cupboard and throw the keys away. But take your lessons and keep them close to your heart, make sure you never repeat the mistakes.  

You might see some of your peers who might take the easy way out to escape the consequences of their actions, that is not what is expected of you. You are stronger than you think and you are capable of taking wise decisions, remember that no matter what you do, your parents are always there for you. How much ever you grow up, you will always be that baby that God placed in my hands at a time in life when I was not feeling good about myself at all. You were my strength at that time, you were my guardian angel. You showed me and taught me how to become a good mother, and that is the reason I have so much faith in you. You are God’s gift and no matter what you do, or what you have done, you will always be cherished, you will always be special.  

Love and love, 

Note : This post is written for the letter ‘P’ of the April A to Z Challenge written for me by lovely Bhavya who loves to read and write. She loves stories and loves reading, the rain, swings and beaches. She  writes stories that might be your story or hers. At times they could purely be imaginary too. She can be reached at her FaceBook page, follow her on Twitter or on her webpage.

This post is a work of pure fiction.