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***Hey baby, today your aunt Sopphey has something to tell you. She is a dear friend to me and she is a poet living life through art, grace, and love. I am sure you would love her.

Precious One,

Life’s different roads seem long and perilous and as you watch your life unfold, you’ll see that your quest deepens and leads to the unknown.

You’re growing out into your own now. You’re a wonderful young woman, talented, and full of life. Your mother and father love you so very much. As do all of us in your family inner circle, we love you so very much. That’s why I’m writing this you this letter.

I remember at your age, I didn’t want to be called young anymore. So, I’ll refrain from calling you young one–but precious one, I have a few things to say about the questions you’ll encounter in your life quest.

Some days you’ll find that nothing can go right. That perhaps God has a dreary cloud over you–but rest assured precious one that it is not so. One of the many blessings of this life is constant change. Just because events seem to be going in one direction for days, weeks, or months does not mean that these events will always be the same.

Not a lot stays the same that way. The roads to our lives aren’t always what we think they are, but the journey that we’re embarking on will always remain our own. Your journey. Your own path to make. Whichever path it will be, we will always support you precious one.

Note : This post is written for the letter ‘Q’ of the April A to Z Challenge written for me by lovely Sopphey who is a poet living life through art, grace, and love and who blogs at Sopphey Says.