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Hey Sweetheart

You were angry today and yet again I had to trick you to talk. It wasn’t a matter of grave concern but you were upset. You are 17 and such emotional ups and downs happen often. But today you wanted to know if ever I had such a phase and how did I tackle.

Let me tell you sweetheart that yes I too was 17 once (ofcourse) and I too had such emotional breakdowns or mood swings. Well it did not go off as I started to grow because I would cling to each one of my sorrow or bad mood. But someday I realized that the best solution to such an emotional pendulum is reading. Yes, reading. I started reading whenever my mood was attaining a new low and to my surprise it helped me forget whatever it was and move on with life.

I want you to explore that possibility of better life and better control on your thoughts and moods. Being well read is always appealing on many levels. You will be more confident with the various facets of knowledge. Knowledge alone is very vast. It’s not only what we study in the curriculum but also comprises of the world around. Read and you will know.

Some fine day you might even want to write. That is when all that you have ever read will come to help you express yourself better. So my love embrace reading for it will be your best mate ever.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘R’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.