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Hey Sweetheart

It was result day of your first semester of engineering and the results were not what we had ever expected. I know you are very upset today since this is the first time that you have failed in a subject.

You were unsure and confused when you opted Engineering as your choice of field. And now you wish to give it up and select Commerce as your stream. I just want to tell you that let one failure dishearten you. But instead think them as stepping stones. You may tumble on a stone in your path but that doesn’t hold you back. You should gather the courage to stand up and start the journey again. No matter if you have to change the course of the journey, but let the journey not be left incomplete.

We agree to the rational reasoning you gave for changing the stream and selecting Commerce but we just want you to be sure. This decision of yours will be changing the future that you plan to choose. And we are nowhere disagreeing to it. We know that you are a brilliant kid and have always got wonderful grades. But sometimes the fold that we are trying for is not neat and it might seem a little out of proportion and there may be a need to change the basic paper itself. But let it not stop you.

We are in it with you and together we shall tread the path to help you achieve your dreams and your goals.


Note : This post is written for the letter ‘T’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction.