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Hey Sweetheart

Each one of has dreamt of something or the other. But there are times when these dreams are lost on the way. The journey of life is taxing and sometimes it does not give us those moments to revisit our long forgotten but somewhere still alive dreams.

Today I am talking about my dreams.

My dreams were bright and vivid. First it was a dream to learn to play violin. Then there was one to learn all forms of dances in the world. I wanted have my house made in stone just like the ancient homes with a garden and an orchard. But not all dreams come true. You outgrow some dreams and you outlive some. But there are some dreams who become your identity because they are the ones which become or are rather nurtured into reality.

One such dream was the business we have now. It had been in my dreams through the night and during the day. But there came a time when the dream was no longer a dream and a wide awake reality.

You my love should never stop dreaming. But it is not the dreamworld out there and so the dreams cannot be the reality on their own. You will have to keep revisiting them and hold on to the one which promises never to abandon you. That my love can become your future. Your companion. Your success.



Note : This post is written for the letter ‘V’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction. Sorry for posting this so so late.