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Hey Sweetheart

You are 22. There are so many things that you know and there are so many that you still need to know. Today’s plan is to talk about it.

It is important to be well educated but there is one more thing that holds importance, that is, being wise. One cannot be taught to be wise but it is a skill which can come to you and further nurtured with your knowledge or having information about various things. It comes to you with a power of judgement as to what is right or wrong. It is characterised when you start taking informed decisions.

Decisions when made wisely reflect on our whole existence. I wish that along with being intelligent which you undoubtedly are, you should be wise too.



Note : This post is written for the letter ‘W’ of the April A to Z Challenge and that this post is a work of pure fiction. Sorry for posting this so so late.